Ed Histed

Ed began his radio career almost five decades ago… Back in 1975. He has been an Air Personality, News Director, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and General Manager at numerous radio stations in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, the Carolinas, and more. He’s even been involved in RF engineering and IT, specializing in configuration of digital automation remote voice tracking systems at one point in his career. Ed was one of 12 people nationwide who were chosen by Google to spend time at their California headquarters to participate in the design and launch of their digital automation after it was acquired from Scott Studios. Although Ed’s background for about 40 years was strongly anchored in music radio, he says the switch to news and information was a natural. Ed has been involved in “spoken word” radio since 2012.


Sam Walker III

Sam Walker has been covering news, sports and weather on the radio and online in his native eastern North Carolina for over three decades.  During storm events and other breaking news on the Outer Banks, Sam makes regular appearances on The Weather Channel and other outlets around the country.